5L WaterBox

By Happy Water

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  • 5L WaterBox
  • Canada's award winning lithia water
  • Proprietary blend of two BC springs
  • Naturally alkaline
    • Ideal pH for the body - 7.4 pH 
  • Naturally-occuring electrolytes and minerals
    • Lithia, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium and Calcium
  • Free from any additives or chemicals 
  • 100% recyclable and BPA free
  • 85% less plastic than bottles (500mL)
  • Portion control tap
  • Sourced and boxed in BC, Canada
  • Take it anywhere; pantry, fridge, car, cottage, soccer game, camping, you name it!

Description Ingredients

Happy Water is a perfectly alkaline, unique blend of spring and mineral waters: providing a rare combination of minerals which have been linked to many health benefits and optimum hydration. You can drink easy knowing this water is free of additives and chemicals and full of lithia, magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium.

The WaterBox will help you to reduce your environmental footprint with 85% less packaging than water bottles (500 mL). Plus it's totally portable so you can enjoy it anywhere. Freeze your WaterBox overnight and bring it along wherever your weekend takes you! Live Happy :)

Spring and Mineral Water, Ozone.

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I really enjoy the convenience of having boxed water that I could carry around with me and it was perfect for bringing to the cottage and having in my car


We ended up using it when we went camping and it was an awesome decision! Will definitely be getting more since we camp so much and where we live there are times when we have to boil water.


It is a good idea, but its a little bulky. I would prefer it be smaller in size and i dont need the spout so it was really trying to be too much in one package


I thought it was okay. Nice water taste and spout was easy to use. I liked that it came in a box which was convenient and easy to travel with.


I tried this awhile ago and loved it. The box fit right in my fridge so that I could have it super cold which is how I like it. It had a really clean flavor to it. I really liked the fact that it was in a box and not in a plastic container for the goodness of the environment.



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