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  • Energy bar mix
  • Try a 1.1kg bag of make-at-home Energy Bar Mix
    • Value $22.00
  • Your choice of these delicious varieties:
    • Cocoa, Hemp & Almond
    • Ginger Snap & Apple
  • Award winning!
  • Plant-based protein
  • Full of whole ingredients like oats, nuts, seeds, hemp, berries, apples and more
  • Makes 25 completely customizable 70g bars per bag
  • Can be made vegan

Description Ingredients Recipes

This one bag of GORP Ready Mix will make you 25, 70g bars for around $1.00 per bar!

GORP has sourced the same best ingredients as their Bar, and they've measured and packaged them for you! All you need is 15 minutes, a few ingredients, a rolling pin and cookie pan - then Mix It Up! As long as you have Peanut Butter & Honey in your house, you'll have what you need to make these 'Do It Yourself' GORP Bars!

Customize the recipe to suit your needs! Use the traditional recipe on the back of the bag OR switch it up! Need lower sugar content? Skip the brown rice syrup, and more PB. Want to go vegan? Replace honey with maple syrup or a vegan replacement your choice! The possibilities are endless!

Cocoa, Hemp & Almond: Rolled oats, Hulled hempseed, Almonds, Dark chocolate chips (cocoa liquor, cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, tapioca starch), Whole grain brown rice protein concentrate, Rice protein crisps (rice protein concentrate, rice flour), Ground flaxseed, Partially defatted peanut flour, Sunflower seeds, Cocoa powder, Dried coconut, Pea fibre, Cinnamon.

Ginger Snap & Apple: Rolled oats, Honey, Brown Rice Syrup, Hulled hemp seed, Pecans, Rice protein crisps (rice protein concentrate, rice flour), Peanut butter, Ground flax seed, Sunflower seeds, Partially defatted peanut flour, Apples, Whole grain brown rice protein concentrate, Molasses, Dried coconut, Pea fibre, Ginger, Spices

Contains: Oats, Almonds, Peanuts

Generic Recipe:
1.5 cups syrup of your choice / honey / blended dates / jam (all the same or split)
½ c natural peanut butter
2 tbsp molasses (optional)

Vegan Recipe
1 c syrup of your choice (brown rice, maple, agave)
½ c natural peanut butter
½ c maple syrup (or blended dates)
2 tbsp molasses (optional)

 Low Sugar:
1 c honey (or any syrup)
1 ½ c natural peanut butter
2 tbsp molasses (optional)

GORP Reviews (393)
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I tried the cocoa, hemp & almond flavor. It was very simple to make and actually made more then I expected. The price point was a little high to purchase on a regular but nice on occasion. I found it was hard to find in bulk barns near me so it would be nice to see it offered in more retailers.


This was so easy to make, and absolutely delicous! My children both loved these bars, even my picky daughter! I def want to try the other kind they sell. We tried the cocoa, hemp and almond.


Wow! I've always been a fan of Energy Bar and i always wonder, what if there's an option to mix just the stuff that you like?... And then GORP introduces this! It was so fun to create your own Energy Bar. The GORP taste is so good you'll want to have some more. A must have and a mother-in-law approved!


very very delicious and very helpful for a work snack when you dont have alot of time but need something satisfying and re-energizing. They were perfect for my work as i have a desk job with little downtime.


I tried the gingersnap and apple flavor. I love that it makes so many bars and it tastes really fresh even though it's a bagged product. It was the perfect snack for in between meals or for breakfast when I'm rushing. I will definitely buy this again. I have 3 kids and they also enjoyed the bars but I may want to sneak them to myself next time!



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