Liquid Iron Supplement

By Flora Inc.

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  • Liquid Iron & Vitamin Supplement
  • Try Salus® Floradix® Iron + Herbs by Flora Inc
  • Non-constipating
  • Easily absorbed
  • Contains highly soluble iron gluconate
  • Clinically proven to effectively normalize low iron levels
  • Free of additives, alcohol, preservatives, GMOs, and lactose
  • Packaged in eco-friendly glass bottle
  • Certified Kosher
  • Naturopath and midwife recommended

Description Ingredients

Salus® Floradix® Iron + Herbs is a liquid supplement that contains highly soluble iron gluconate, herbal extracts, whole food concentrates, and co-factors vitamins B and C. This balanced formula is effective and gentle on the digestive system. Iron is an essential element for the body, and the most prevalent nutrient deficiency worldwide. Although it is readily found in nature, iron is poorly absorbed. Floradix® Iron + Herbs is specially designed to support healthy iron levels due to its maximum absorption ability. Signs and symptoms of iron deficiency include: fatigue and weakness, pale skin, dark circles under the eyes, brittle hair and nails, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, decreased ability to exercise, poor concentration, rapid pulse, susceptibility to infections, dizziness or faintness, cold extremities. 

Tired of being tired? Floradix® can help you reclaim your energy!

Suggested Use: Adults (12 and over): Take 10 mL (two teaspoons) of Floradix® Iron + Herbs twice daily before meals. Shake bottle well before using. Take before meals.

Medicinal Ingredients (10ml dose): Iron (from ferrous gluconate 87mg)...10.0mg, Vitamin B1 (from thiamine hydrochloride)...2.5mg, Vitamin B2 (from riboflavin sodium phosphate)...4.0mg, Vitamin B6 (from pyridoxine hyrdochloride)...2.0mg, Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin)...7.5mcg.

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Extracts of: Carrots, Nettle Wort, Spinach, Couch Grass Root, Angelica Root, Fennel Seed, Kelp, Hibiscus Flower, Bitter Orange. Juice concentrates of: Pear, Black Grape, Black Currant, Orange, Blackberry, Cherry, Red Beet. In a base of: Honey, Rosehip Extract, Wheat Germ, Yeast Extract (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), Natural Flavor, Purified Water, Ascorbic Acid.

*Refrigerate after opening and use within 4 weeks.

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I wasn’t a fan of the taste and wasn’t sure how to use it so I wouldn’t mind the taste. I wouldn’t recommend this to a friend and would just stick with my over the counter iron supplements.


Great tasting with no nasty aftertaste. I also truly noticed a huge difference in the way I felt physically. I felt stronger & not physically or mentally drained, if that makes any sense. I noticed such a huge difference in the way I feel while taking this that I have continued to purchase & think I will continue to do so for a long time. Floradax Iron+Herbs Supplement is an awesome person you definitely need to experience!! #TryNatural #GotItFree


After trying Floradix Liquid Iron Supplement, I felt I had improved my health. I noticed after taking it for a couple days, it gave me more energy and I was not as tired as usual (no afternoon coffee!)


I absolutely Loved liquid flora! It. Made my body feel so healthy! I would definatly share this with friends and family.....what a great product!


I wouldn't say that I enjoyed the flavor of this supplement, but I can also honestly say that I have had much worse. I have occasional anemia and I felt better taking this.



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