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By Pomme Natural Market - Nanaimo, BC

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  • Voted Nanaimo's Best Health Food Store
  • Located at 6560 Metral Dr, Nanaimo, BC
  • One-stop shop for all-natural groceries
  • Large selection of organic and local produce, supplements and eco-lifestyle products
  • 100% locally owned and operated
  • Expert staff

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Pomme is a natural and organic grocery market committed to creating a better world through better food. They are 100% locally owned and operated and make the highest quality, healthiest, most forward-thinking food choices easy. We love that Pomme caterers to those who have food sensitivities such as gluten intolerance, dairy intolerance, or are avoiding sugar. They also provide options for those that follow precise dietary paths including vegan, vegetarian and paleo diets.

Located at 6560 Metral Dr, Nanaimo, BC

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Love Pomme Natural! i shop there for all my organic needs now. Best organic produce that i can find in town, and fantastic specials. Love their fresh food!


Being on an island where most natural market pricing can get out of control, pomme natural was a delight to shop at. Unique products, especially local, are priced appropriately. I feel this place has marketing and products down to its purest forms, allowing health and finances to prevail!! Have returned. Will continue to return. Neatest gem in this city.


Pomme natural market had a huge variety of natural foods that I couldn't find in the regular grocery chain stores. I'm looking forward to shopping more regularly now that their organic produce prices have been dropped.


I loved the quality of the organic produce; much fresher than that offered at big box or grocery store chains. The carrots, tomatoes and potatoes just tasted better than from other stores. And prices were comparable. The staff was very friendly and efficient and fully able to answer my questions There was a large area devoted to vitamins/supplements. A good selection of groceries and healthier snacks, including organic chocolate bars. The organic meat and beef offerings seemed pricey, but I haven't ever bought organic meat, so that is probably what it costs! A nice relaxed atmosphere for shopping. No waiting at the checkout counters. I would recommend this store to those willing to pay more for organic products. #trynatural #GotItFree


this was my first time at this market. It is a great market! there is lots of variety between vitamins, fresh produce, teas, coffee, cereal as well as a bakery.



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