Organic Daily Dog Supplement

By SmartyPants

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  • Try SmartyPaws daily supplement
  • Available in nine different varieties, customized to your dog's age and size
  • Made with premium and organic whole ingredients
  • Support your dog's joint, digestive, immune, skin, and allergy health
  • Wheat and dairy free
  • Full product retails for $29.95-$42.95

Description Ingredients

This daily multivitamin was designed by vets and customized for your dog's size and age. SmartyPaws uses premium and organic whole ingredients to support joint, digestive, immunity, skin, and allergy health - all in one easy serving.


SmartyPants Reviews (892)
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My dog loved SmartyPants/ SmartyPaws Organic Daily Dog Supplement that we got as a free sample from Social Nature. I assume that the flavor was spot on because he injested it quickly and seemed disappointed that thete were no more to be had- despite the incessant sniffing and searching and woeful look he gave me. After the one dose it would be presumptious to say that there were immediate results but my dog seemed to be more playful and alert right after taking SmartyPants/SmartyPaws Supplement. I know I was relieved that it contained organic ingrediants that support his overall well being. I've told other pet parents about SmartyPants/SmartyPaws Organic Daily Dog Supplements and they, too, want to obtain a bottle for their own dogs. I know that I'll be purchasing SmartyPants/SmartyPaws as soon as it's stocked because it'll maintain my dog's mobility, digestion, and appearance as he turns four.


My dog seemed to like it. When I received this product it was crumbled in the package so I just sprinkled it over her food. My dog quickly ate it up without having any side effects. I only received the one sample so it is difficult to determine whether or not it was effective. Based on my dog's like for it I would be willing to purchase this product to see it's effectiveness.


I have 3 dogs and one tablet can't really make a difference.I need too buy a full pack to see a result.So I have to wait for the product,still have to watch the babies results


I must say that it is hard to evaluate on just a single use sample that I received. I have two fur sons. I can't give to one and not the other. They hold an equal part of my heart. I did split the sample in half. To my surprise, neither boy nosed it to the side. They consumed it entirely. My one fur son ended up with terrible horrible smelling gas, shortly after consuming it. It didn't phase him at all but it did my husband and I 🤢 I guess purchasing a full size supply will be in order.


Great!...................... my dog loved it! Mixed it with his food and he didn’t even know it was in there which was great! Have. A hard time finding things he will eat



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