Spider Repellent

By EarthKind, LLC

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  • Spider Repellent by earthkind®
  • Try Stay Away® Spiders by earthkind®
  • Helps keep spiders out of treated areas without chemicals, traps, or killing
  • Repels the insects spiders eat, ensuring they go elsewhere
  • Fast acting, lasting 30+ days
  • Contains plant fibers, citronella, lemongrass and rosemary
  • Made in the USA 
  • Non-toxic

Description Ingredients

Stay Away® Spiders is a natural pest prevention line made entirely of essential oils and plant fiber. The earthkind® promise guarantees effectiveness and safety for humans, pets and the environment. With no messy cleanup, the earthkind® patented pouch design delivers long-lasting, slow release of proven essential oils, reliably 'keeping pests out' of the indoor spaces where we live, work and play.

How it Works: Spiders search out ideal living areas, free of scent and vibrations to form webs, nest, and detect prey. Stay Away® Spiders pouches disrupt a spider's sophisticated senses, keeping them out of treated areas with a scent pleasant to people but offensive to spiders.

Why it Works: Spider legs contain the organs for hearing, touch, and smell. All of these senses are highly developed and very sensitive. Our proven blend of citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary interferes with spiders' ability to sense their prey, as well as helps to repel various types of prey from the treated area, (citronella & lemongrass commonly repels flies and small winged insects) causing spiders to stay away.

Corncob, Sunflower oil, Rosemary oil, Lemongrass oil, Citronella oil

Directions: Anywhere webs or spiders are noticed: basements, dormers, closets, attics, crawl spaces, or places you would like to prevent them from entering.

Recommended Usage: Use one pouch per entry way, dormer; two pouches per small room. Increase the number of pouches as needed until desired results are obtained and replace when the scent has diminished (usually 30-60 days).

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I’ve bee having lots of little spiders around the house, and this got the job done! It’s great that it doesn’t involve any chemicals, and works well!


This was easy to use, didnt leave a mess, and work pretty well. I did not notice any spiders in the house when this was put down. i only wish the bag was a little bigger, since my house is a little bigger and needed more to cover all the areas i wanted to cover


It was different than I expected. I thought I would have no spiders anymore. But it does work in the area that it was intended. Needed to have several.


I have a lot of spiders in my basement and was skeptical about this product, but either spider season was over or the product works. The number of spiders decreased significantly without harsh chemicals or smell. This actually works. You just have to remember to replenish it every month.


My entire family has been vegetarian, myself since I was in the single digits and my 17 yr old daughter since birth. We are Italian and LOVE pasta but have a hard time spending all day making a beautiful sauce from scratch and then putting it on a sub par pasta. I am truly excited about new pastas coming out (there are a few now) that are worth eating, and I can't wait to treat my family to this new one. Thank you for taking the time to produce a product that is good for everyone and everything.



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